STAR training materials for use by DPAs and DPOs are available

Based on the gathered feedback from DPAs and DPOs the the first iteration of the STAR training materials and supporting documents have been developed, in particular:

  • 11 training topics focusing on the GDPR,
  • seminar materials (i.e. Microsoft PowerPoint presentations) for each one of the topics with detailed guidance for trainers and suggested reading materials,
  • training scenarios,
  • a takeaway reference GDPR checklist,
  • a ten-point GDPR introductory list,
  • an evaluation questionnaire for attendees.

These materials are freely and publicly available in a digital form at the project’s website:

The materials are expected to be tested and validated in real environment by DPAs and DPOs, therefore they will be continuously refined and updated until the conclusion of STAR (31 October 2019).

To further increase the quality of the materials and to develop a supporting handbook for trainers we encourage you to use them during your training activities and share your impressions and opinion via email (link) or by filling this short questionnaire: link.

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