To contribute to the evaluation of the STAR data protection training materials, the consortium partners created an online survey for users of the training materials (i.e. for Data Protection Authorities (DPAs) and Data Protection Officers (DPOs)). As the materials are expected to be tested and validated in real environment by DPAs and DPOs, continuous revisions and multiple changes are expected. The survey facilitates the information gathering of the STAR consortium concerning the satisfaction and further needs of DPAs and DPOs. The feedback of the stakeholders will be reported in D4.2 Finalised Training materials and D4.3 Feedback forms.

The survey is hosted online using the recognised Survey Monkey platform. It can be  accessed at:

The questionnaire link was emailed to Data Protection Authorities and Data Protection Officers who had participated in the STAR project’s scoping interviews (reported upon in D2.2 Report on the findings of the interviews), and asked to be kept informed about further developments in the project. We informed them about the availability of the STAR training materials, encouraged them to make use of the materials and then to complete the survey. We subsequently reminded them of this request in follow-up emails.

The survey was also linked to on the page of the STAR website where the training materials are available to download at Users of the training materials have also been invited to contribute their assessment in the project’s dissemination flyers.

The aim of the survey is inter alia to:

  • identify any issues or errors with the training materials;
  • identify ways to improve the survey;
  • build upon the evidence in D2.2 Report on the findings of the interviews about how potential users would make use of the survey;
  • assess the work conducted in WP3. We therefore used a mix of closed, quantitative and open evaluative/qualitative questions.

The criteria used in question four (“How would you rate STAR materials on the following criteria?”) come directly from the STAR project’s training materials requirements, as set out in D2.4 STAR Training materials requirements.