STAR Handbook

The STAR project  aims to contribute to a more effective application of the EU data protection reform package, through handing out to two categories of trainers (data protection authorities and data protection officers) ready-made and easily customizable training materials necessary to carry out their training operations. With such materials, trainers can reduce their workload, as the ground-setting work has already been carried out for them by STAR.

In order to further assist their training activities, the STAR consortium provides trainers with a handbook, facilitating an efficient organization of data protection-oriented training and, use of the STAR training materials.

The content of the handbook is based not only on the respective EU legal framework and academic literature, but on the actual needs of stakeholders, ensuring that it (and respectively the training materials) will truly assist trainers in their work.

The STAR handbook aims to assist trainers in delivering training on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and in particular those trainers making use of the STAR training materials. Whilst each of the STAR training materials include individual guidance, this handbook provides guidance and support across the range of materials.

This handbook does not contain all the factual content of the GDPR, as those reside in the training materials, but serves as a complementary tool thereto. To facilitate its editing and re-use within organisational environments, the handbook is provided in a .doc format, besides the formatted .pdf version.

Download the STAR handbook in .doc format here

Download the STAR handbook in .pdf format here