The STAR project

STAR (2017-2019)

The STAR project (Support Training Activities on the data protection Reform) will provide support to the training activities of European Union (EU) Data Protection Authorities (DPAs) and data protection officers (DPOs) on the EU data protection reform, especially the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR requires these two categories of data protection actors to undertake training activities (Arts 57(1) and 39(1)(b)). Each DPA developing such materials in isolation increases the overall cost, risks undermining the harmonising effect of the GDPR and puts greater pressure on its consistency mechanisms. STAR will thus provide them with necessary and efficient training materials and resources. In particular, STAR will:

  1. formulate the training topics in close cooperation with stakeholders,
  2. author the actual training materials,
  3. validate and test them in pilot trainings.

This output will be freely and publicly available in a digital form. STAR is directly addressed to EU DPAs and DPOs; it also offers a benefit to other privacy professionals in the EU and beyond. STAR supports the legal obligations of DPAs and DPOs to undertake training activities and, in order to facilitate their work, will provide them with ready-made, easy-to-customise and easy-to-run training materials, easily adaptable to specific training situations. STAR will also provide to the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) the common training programmes (Art 70 GDPR). The main outputs are thus the training materials and resources themselves. While their exact format and nature will be refined in cooperation with stakeholders, the following will at least be included:

  1. Training scenarios for each training category,
  2. A Seminars’ Topics List, based on the training scenarios,
  3. Seminar Material for each one of the seminars,
  4. Webinars (selected from the Seminars’ Topics List),
  5. A training Handbook,
  6. A takeaway reference GDPR checklist,
  7. A ten-point GDPR introductory list.

STAR began on 1 November 2017, will finish on 31 October 2019 and will produce several deliverables.

WP1 is devoted to the management and coordination of the project.

WP2 will interact with EU DPAs and key stakeholders in order to capture their requirements for training materials, and to refine the actual scope of the training materials to be developed. At the end of the this WP, the consortium will be positioned to develop training material that supports the needs of its key stakeholders. It will also have established relationships with those stakeholders and made them aware of the project’s activities. It will have created knowledge of the current state of play in data protection training materials and identified gaps that the project’s work must address.

WP3 will develop the draft Training Materials for each of the end-user categories (DPAs training of third parties; and DPOs training for public and private sector organisations; judges, civil servants, private sector), based upon the previously collected requirements. Creation of ready-to-use training materials in the appropriate formats, ready to be piloted in real-world situations.

WP4 will be responsible for the testing and validation of training material developed under WP3 through the organisation of pilot training modules to ensure that these materials are fit for purpose and provide added value. To refine the final training materials in response to end-user feedback.

WP5 will create awareness, encourage uptake and use of the Training Materials developed under the STAR project through dissemination, communication, outreach and awareness-raising methods.


STAR is essentially a “support the trainers” project. It will result in concrete, ready-made, fully-customisable, white-label and freely available and reusable training materials to be provided to its two main groups of addressees, meaning DPAs and DPOs that will carry out training activities in view of effective implementation of the EU data protection reform package, and in particular the GDPR. These training materials will be designed, drafted, tested, validated and disseminated in cooperation with their intended users, DPAs and DPOs, throughout the project’s term. In this way, STAR will result in relevant and timely training materials, that will address DPAs’ and DPOs’ immediate need for such, so as to effectively promote application of the new EU data protection legal framework. Valuable human and financial resources that would otherwise be required by DPAs and DPOs for the development of these materials under the STAR project will be freed, so as to be used in actual training operations and other data protection work.

STAR will thus result in:

  • Identifying the training needs of DPAs and DPOs;
  • Addressing these needs through the development of appropriate training materials;
  • Saving-up DPAs’ and DPOs’ financial and human resources while developing training materials necessary for the implementation of the EU data protection reform;
  • Improving data protection harmonisation across the EU, through the use of uniform training materials for the GDPR;
  • Achieving effective implementation and application of the EU data protection reform.


Name: STAR (Support Training Activities on the data protection Reform)
Funding scheme: European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme 2014-2020 (REC-RDAT-TRAI-AG-2016)
Grant agreement: No. 769138
Duration: 1 November 2017 – 31 October 2019 (24 months)
Total budget: €357,968.50
Total EU funding: €283,439.46